Friday, November 2, 2012

Helping Students Master the Research Paper

As we approach the second half of the term, students may begin to fret about upcoming research papers and how to do them correctly. Writing papers and doing research can be one of the hardest tasks for students to master.  Because of the perceived difficulty, many students balk at the task or put it off.

Behavior such as this is unfortunate because research and writing are two skills that are mastered more easily through repetition. Moreover, strong analytical thinking and research abilities are proven job skills that will help a student land a good job upon graduation.

The Learning Resources Division (LRD) are partners with faculty to offer students assistance on the individual skills necessary for completing research papers. In short, students need to hone their skills around the following areas:

  • Identifying resources and performing database searches
  • Effective note taking and referencing the work of others
  • Citation rules, formatting, constructing reference pages
  • Editing drafts
  • Using evidence to support the position or argument

Together, the University as a team can support the student journey toward skills development, the construction of knowledge, and the successful completion of course specific activities.

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